What to do when you have body issues

Anyway, let’s focus on you. i completely understand how you feel. i listen to friends of mine every day talk about how awesome they are at starving themselves — “oh, i only ate three pretzel chips today!!”…. kill me. that is not healthy, and i don’t care how effing skinny you are, IT’S UNHEALTHY. so don’t do that. you’ve got to start taking your own advice, because if you don’t, then the advice you are giving to others is empty. if you can tell someone else that weight doesn’t matter and they are beautiful no matter what size they are, but you don’t believe that and apply that to yourself, then those words mean nothing to that person. you have to believe what you say and you have to understand that you aren’t unworthy of feeling beautiful. you have a boyfriend who clearly loves you for you, and you are very lucky in that, because i know plenty of people who cannot say the same — and they range from sizes 2 to 20, so it’s not about the weight.

I’m not sure what you are thinking if you are reading this, but you might be thinking, “why should i listen to this random stranger?” well, i think you should listen to me because i am literally the same person as you — or at least i was. after my last breakup my ex decided to lash out at me and told me that no one will ever love me again because I’m fat, that he was always embarrassed to be seen with me, that people always wondered what a guy like him was doing with a girl like me. and i got depressed, and i stopped working out, and i ate. a lot. and i gained — a lot. i felt like, what is the point? then one day i woke up, and i snapped out of it. i got up, and i started to exercise again (which I always enjoyed, because i was a soccer player myself, but never thin like your cousin). and i did it for me. and i lost the weight i had gained, and i felt so much better about myself! it no longer mattered what my mom or my friends or my ex or some person on the street thought about me or my clothes, all that mattered was how I felt in my clothes and in my own skin. you have to get to the point where you get SELFISH and start taking care of YOURSELF because YOU deserve it, not because anyone else thinks you should (even your own mom).

and here’s another little piece of info that once i accepted, i slept better at night: no matter what size you are, no matter what you look like, someone somewhere will have a problem with it. whether I’m a size 6 or a size 16, someone will have something to say. maybe it won’t be about weight, maybe it will be about my hair color, or my skin color, or my choice of clothes that day, or my nose, or something. people will ALWAYS find something to say, because it makes them feel better about their own insecurities. and understand that it’s natural to feel insecure — EVERYONE feels insecure at one time or another, and anyone who says they don’t is lying through their teeth.

just start waking up in the morning and focusing on the things you DO like about yourself, and try to eat healthy and keep up that good workout, and you’ll start thinking and feeling better about your body. I’m sure you are way too critical on yourself, as most people are (I know I am)…and it’s okay to critique yourself from time to time. but remember that you’ve got great things going for you — you’re in college so you’re smart and you will be successful, and your mom loves you (despite what she says about your cousins) and your boyfriend loves you. take a deep breath — a lot of people out there are a lot worse off, right?

Coroner’s office reveals Brittany Murphy’s cause of death

New details have been disclosed about the death of Brittany Murphy with the release of a statement by the Los Angeles County Coroner. The actor died suddenly of a heart attack as 2009 came to a close, calling into question whether an eating disorder, drug abuse, or the illness loved ones said she’d been suffering from prior to her death were the cause.

The coroner’s office has answered that question — to some degree — in its conclusion that Brittany Murphy’s death was accidental and caused by a dangerous combination of  “community acquired pneumonia,” “iron deficiency anemia,” and multiple drug intoxication.

Many prescription medications were reportedly found by investigators on Murphy’s nightstand. While some sources say that the drugs were given to treat the flu-like symptoms, People reports that her husband, Simon Monjack said other medications were among those recovered at the scene. Monjack said his wife was taking the painkiller Vidoprofen, the antidepressant Fluoxetine to treat severe menstrual cramps, and that the others were his own for treatment of a recent seizure.

Both Monjack and Murphy’s mother Sharon have denied that the actor had a drug problem. They’ve also denied rumors that Murphy suffered from an eating disorder, attributing her death to a congenital heart murmur that she’d been diagnosed with and treated as a teen.

The coroner’s office will release a full report in the next few weeks. However, there still seem to be many unanswered questions about the sudden death of this 32-year old woman. Was the anemia spurred on by an eating disorder? And although the drugs are noted by one coroner’s office official as “only prescription and over-the-counter meds,” was the combination of all these medications a factor in this fatality?

Clearly, privacy issues and public relations will envelope these remaining questions. And perhaps, now that her death has been ruled accidental and the cause pinned down, the details are less important than the fact that it could have been avoided altogether.

“This death could’ve been preventable. Murphy was planning on seeing a doctor, but she unfortunately passed away before she did. This was a case of a person with pneumonia who was anemic who was taking medication when she should’ve been getting medical treatment.” Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles Coroner’s office told People.

Constant Dieter: Any dieters out there?

As I’ve mentioned before, I think I’ve found a way to lose weight that seems to be working for me: eating lightly, small portions, and lots of cereal and egg whites. Plus, lunges, squats and walks with my dog. So I’m going to stick with this self-made program, and keep you posted as to whether it’s working.

While I continue on that journey, I thought it’d be fun to profile other people’s stories of weight loss, and the constant struggle to lose it.

So…I’d see if any other dieters out there in blogland want to share their diet stories with me. You can either tell me your story, or you can be a guest blogger right here, and tell the world what’s working for you — and what’s not.

If you think you want to try it, even for a week, shoot me as below. Just let me know what diet you’re on or will be on, and give me an idea of how it’s going for you. Extra points for humor!

Crave: You tell me! What do you wear for a room full of hot yoga?

So I moved to a place next door to a hot yoga studio. Then, I ran into a woman, in the coffee shop that is in the same building as the hot yoga studio, who told me that I have the perfect body type for hot yoga (I have to assume that either she was hitting on me or recruiting me for her hot yoga army, because that sentence makes no sense otherwise) and that I should totally join a class. And then the next day, the barista gave me a coupon for a free session. So as it turns out, the universe wants me to go to hot yoga. Okay, universe! I’ll go sweat!

The only problem: It is very hot, the hot yoga, which makes me want to go naked. However, I’m guessing that might be seen as a hostile act, a nude downward dog. Also, I don’t want to hurt my boobs. So you tell me–what does a reasonably fashionable, very serious yet totally new student of the hot yoga art wear to stay as cool and as not-dopey as possible? Hit me up with your links, please! And wish me luck.

South Beach Diet Phase 2 tips

A lot of individuals that are currently attempting the south beach diet program have created a requirement for a lot of info of the diet part a pair of. The plan is one among the latest trends within the health business and has been terribly successful for plenty of individuals. the simplest half regarding this diet is that the indisputable fact that anyone will do it. it’s not designed for a particular age cluster or body kind. it’s solely designed to urge your body to urge use to eating healthy foods and to chop down on cravings of your unhealthy, guilty pleasure foods.

Due to the very fact that this regimen may be a comparatively new trend on the scene, there’s not abundant detailed info out there regarding how it works. this is often particularly the case for the second section of the diet. plenty of the knowledge that’s out there on-line does not properly make a case for how the second part of the plan works. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the primary part, you ought to analysis it before following the guide on the phase 2 that’s below.

During the 2nd section of the program you’ll begin to eat the foods that you simply cut out of your diet throughout the primary section. this is often what most of the guides on-line say and this is often correct, but the quantity of those foods is very unclear in most guides and tutorials. the foremost vital issue to recollect is that the second part solely permits you to eat these foods attributable to the success of the primary part. South Beach Diet Section 2 is suppose to bolster the items that you simply learned throughout the primary one.

When you begin introducing these foods back to your diet plan you ought to solely do therefore if you actually need to own them. They should not automatically be brought back to your program. In fact, if you are doing not have any cravings for these foods and might comfortably go while not, you should. usually|this can be} the quantity one issue that’s often misinterpreted in an exceedingly ton of the net guides.

During the diet phase 2  you ought to be in complete management. this implies that you easily shouldn’t continue you with the diet if you’re still having uncontrollable cravings for the foods that you simply cut out throughout part one. If you expertise these cravings or the other lack of self management you ought to resort back to part one. In most cases the initial a pair of weeks of the 1st part are enough, but some folks could need to extend this era and this is often fine and safe.

When the section 2 begins you need to be paying shut attention to your cravings and the way several of the foods that you easily consuming that you originally cut of your plan throughout part one. If you discover yourself resorting back to your recent habits you ought to immediately begin the program over. The second part should last for as long as you would like to succeed in your required weight.

Benefit from lemon

Lemon you can find from anywhere like market or home. Lemon is a ingredient of tomyum. Lemon can help treat many disease.
5 Benefit of lemon
1. Improve weakness
– Squeeze lemon put some sugar 2 spoon and put water half of glass it can feel more active.
2. Improve stomach ache
– Used lemon skin put inside worm water improve flatulence.
3. Improve stripe and cicatrices
– Mix the water lemon with to smear where it has spot or cicatrices every night before when you sleep until next day and clear. You should everyday and also the spot will be lost.
4. To deodorize of your feet
– Begin by prepare water lemon 1 cup and water 1 cup and also mix it together. After that, your use the cotton that dipped by water that you was mixed to smear around your feet and region between two toes. After 10 – 15 minutes, you should clean your feet by water. You should do in every week and also your feet smell will be lost.
5. By use mix with water lemon smear where it swelled . After 10 -15 minutes the symptom will be lower . You should smear 1-2 time per day within 2-3 day the wound will be lost.

Tonics herbs

1. ECHINACEA TONIC (Immune System)
This formula works better to prevent disease (cold and flu)than it does after the illness has set in. This is a pleasant tasting balanced formula of herbs and fruit juices. It is used to build and stimulate the immune system. Easy to give to children as the taste is great.
Price about $19.50
2. ENERPAC TONIC (with Ginseng) (Adaptogen & Stimulator)
An excellent formula that helps increase and balance energy levels, reduct the effects of stress, both mental and physical, and gives one a general sense of well being. Runners and other endurance athletes find that they have improved performance and increased endurance with regular use of the product.
Price about $19.50
3. REJUVA TONIC (Cleansing & Building)
A combination of herbs with rejuvenation in mind, and has a pleasant, spicy flavor. This unique blend of herbs is designed to be used daily, with an emphasis placed on healing, cleansing and rebuilding.
Price about $18.95
4. THINAGIN TONIC (Weight loss)
Specially chosen blend of herbs which have proven beneficial for suppressing appetite, increasing glandular activity, and slowing the absorption of lipids.
Price about $18.95

Trailer Spares

Anybody who caravans, travels to off road locations or simply goes camping will tell you that trailer spares are a necessity. Anything can happen at any time, so you need to be prepared for that. Little emergencies occur at a moment’s notice and can really put a damper on your trip without them.

Some of the most common spares are things like water, electrical or gas connections. A variety of sizes and types should be on hand at all times. You never really know what is going to be needed until you get there. Without the proper fittings, gaskets, valves or hookups, your trip could be made shorter than you wanted it to be.

Other things like awnings, leveling jacks, stabilizers and steps are good ideas as well. If you’re travelling in the warmer weather, an awning can be a shady savior. Alternatively, in bad weather, that awning can keep the rain away from you. A dry spot can be very welcome at times!

Other trailer spares to be kept in mind include a spare tire for the trailer, wheel chocks or even a couple of bricks to keep things straight and upright. A flat tire is a damper on the most joyous of outdoor times. Then again, you do not want the trailer rolling away in the middle of the night, either.

Extra bulbs or fuses are always a good idea to add to your list of trailer spares, too. Light bulbs for the interior of the trailer AND bulbs for the tail lights, brake lights, clearance lights and headlamps will help keep the law away from you, too!!

So put together a list of the most handy trailer spares you know of and keep it close. Every time you go out caravanning, check the list before you go anywhere. It could mean the difference between staying or leaving early. Also, it is not always convenient to go to a local trailer parts store.

Home Interior Design Trends And Themes

Would you like to build the most suitable residence for yourself and those you love? Don’t just concentrate on selecting the right structures, the interior is just as important if not more to make every day the happiest possible. There is a certain room or there are more rooms in your property that just doesn’t feel suitable from the inside? We can present you with the best suggestions and guidelines if at least one of the former is true in your life.

Interior design is the technique that is focused on how to set all your premises and indoors space to supply you with the biggest fulfillment and fit your way of living and desires the absolute best as opposed to home interior decorating that deals with finishes like wallpapers and paint. Interior structure, the placing of your rooms and their segments, where to place the windows or doors and the balance among all these are the central questions of interior design.
Often people mistakenly identify luxury in life-style with the amount of rooms and the practical or strictly ornamental things stuffed within them. An amazing lifestyle manifests through the innings of your residence, the personality and beauty of its atmosphere. Skilled interior design can turn even smaller sized properties into comfortable and pleasantly radiant households.

Interior design is a process where one can form the expedience of the interior space and shape its accessible volume. Regardless of how large or small your apartment is, the fundamentals for a great interior design can be summarized for all sizes by three major rules. Interior design can only be regarded as impressive if it is practical, expresses a feeling and presents a sensation of balance.

Home interior designing is dependent largely on the kinds and shapes of your many rooms. The typical conventional kinds are the living room, bedroom, kitchen area, bathroom, deck and the restroom if separated. A different type of classification is to name them or parts of them the diner, the guest room, kids’ and adults’ room etc. The different aspects engaged in home interior design such as cabinet making, room layout, window placement, appliance, tile and floor choice should aptly suit the room since each room has a different intention.
For the best results do hire a reliable interior designer who is acquainted with all the previously mentioned rules and can assist you to create your ideal home for you.

Learn About Home Health Care in Loveland, Colorado

This website has been designed to make your task of finding reliable and dependable In Home Care for your loved ones simple & painless.

We have done the research for you and have the answers you need. Read below and request the Guide(s) that will help you.

How can we afford in home care?: Are you stressed out about your family’s ability to pay for care? Does Medicare or Medicaid pick up the bill? What senior care assistance programs are available in your local area? Does your long term care policy cover in home care? Our goal is to help your family afford care and we can help you determine eligibility for federal, state, and veteran’s senior assistance programs.
Click Here for our Affordable Options Guide or call now and speak to a Home Care Professional.

My loved one is being released from the hospital/rehab center what kind of care do they need? Did your family just get an emergency call from the hospital or rehab center? Travel, work, the kids. How will you handle all of these details? You are not alone in being frustrated and/or confused. Let us help you get prepared and get your family back on track.
Click Here for our Hospital / Rehab Release Guide or call now to speak to a Home Care Professional.

My loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s related Dementia can you help? Yes we can. Driving aimlessly and unsafely, leaving the stove on for days, milk in the cupboards. Your loved one is in grave danger! Over/under medication, food poisoning, getting lost, fires, and unsanitary hygiene to name a few common items. An advanced Dementia sufferer is no better equipped for living alone than a 3 year old child. We have specially trained staff to work with memory issues and all forms of Dementia to help them live safely at home.
Click Here for our Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Guide or call now to speak to a Home Care Professional.

My loved one needs 24 hour care can you help? Absolutely. In fact we specialize in providing assisted living in the comfort of their own home. Yes mom and/or dad can stay in their home and live a longer, healthier, and happier life. We can provide 24 hr coverage with shifts and/or live-in caregivers based on the client’s needs.
Click Here for our Assisted Living at Home Guide or call now to speak to a Home Care Professional.

Last time I visited mom she was lethargic, the only food in the house was chocolate chip cookies, and I’m sure she hadn’t bathed in quite a while. I am worried about her but she is pretty healthy and says she is fine. What can I do? Basic home care in small doses may be perfect. We can help you with the right words to get mom on board. Take action before mom ends up in the hospital.
Click Here for our Basic Home Care Guide or call now to speak to a Home Care Professional.

My dad is having a minor surgery and will need transportation and possibly a few weeks of in home care. Can you provide this service? Yes we can. Most doctors will not allow patients to drive after a surgery of any type because of liability issues. We can help you manage this transportion and in home recovery care needs. We work together closely with many healthcare professionals in our community.
Click Here for our Surgery Recovery Assistance Guide or call now to speak to a Home Care Professional.

Senior Helpers Provides Many services in the Northern Colorado area. We provide a full array of Home Care services for seniors and the elderly living in this beautiful area. Our Home Care Services are provided by bonded and insured employees and all employees pass a National Background check.

If you need Home Care services in Ault, Briggsdale, Drake, Eaton, Evans, Fort Collins, Gilcrest, Glen Haven, Gould, Greeley, Johnstown, Kersey, LaPorte, LaSalle, Livermore, Loveland, Masonville, Milliken, New Raymer, Nunn, Pierce, Red Feathers, Severence, Sterling, Walden, Wellington, and Windsorr and the surrounding areas we are an excellent choice with impeccable references. Home Health Care for your elderly loved ones is never an easy choice but we can promise we will do our best to make it as painless as possible. From our family to yours we sincerely thank you for considering Senior Helpers of Loveland Home Health Care Company.

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